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Great Game!

The cute little guys are really playful and it relaxes my brain. I recommend adding a setting where you can make them stick to the ceiling and walls. Besides that I enjoy it! 5 stars. 😂😂😂

Tickle your brain and relax

I find Acrobats mesmerizing. The little critters take on a life of their own. I like to slow them down with two or three legs and a medium amount of gravity. Then I zap the orange ones to suite my palette. Rotating your phone scrambles them up. It's more art than game and I love it.

Awesome - best physics toy

This is an amazing toy - thanks to the developer for updating after so many years of support.


I have had this app for years and now I see it won't work with the next version of iOS unless it is updated. Often speak at conferences and I use this to relax before presenting. Please don't let it die! :-(


I enjoy this game a lot, though you could make a tool to customize single acrobots, or choose what color an acrobot is, or the ability to make mountains and hills for your acrobots to climb

Like it, just one problem

I like the game but you should improve the A.I. because I've noticed the legs are like magnets and draw eachother around. IMPROVE THE A.I.!!!!!!!!!!!


This is Gud.

Wonderfully entertaining


One little thing

Ok, love it , but just add a button to make it so your screen wont move when you move it and you can put it on and off, thank you!

So much fun

I LOVE THIS GAME! This is the perfect time wasting game. I can't stop playing it


It is so boring. Waste of my money. The people put 5 or 4 stars are friends of the creator or is the creator on a bunch of accounts. Really not worth a dollar.

What a nice, simplistic, game!

This is a cool game! Worth the cost! Definitely get it! PS. I would like the ability to change the Colors of the little Bots. And i would also like if you could like pause the movements and build with them the un pause and the see what happens.


I so love this game! It's very addicting. You'll find yourself playing for an hour or eternity.

Acrobots are Crazy Fun!

These wacky legs act so simple and silly. I just can't stop laughing at them. Most fun I've ever had with any 1MB program.

Sleep Aid&Wks on 6+

Update--works fine on iPhone 6+/ios8.3 . Soft, cute almost look & act alive. Lots of settings. Can't sleep? Good mindless distraction. The black background-easy on the eyes.

Truly amazing!

Very entertaining for such a simple premise: watch things bounce around. The "replay" value is apparent when you see how drastic the acrobots' behavior changes when you change a few rules (gravity, balance, stickiness, etc). This is an incredible piece of software. Any math/physics/computer science geek will appreciate what's going on behind the scenes, and anyone can enjoy just playing with it.

Horsetail plant spores

You have been animating them likely without even knowing it.... :)

Love it

They act like little atoms its so cool

A fun toy

Lots of fun. Would be nice to be able to save settings.


I love watching the little guys fly around and stick together. Perfect for relaxed fun. Definitely worth one dollar!


Really cute and cool :)

Waste of a dollar.

Not a game or toy, just watching three legged things connect and disconnect.

If only. . . .

I love Acrobots. The only thing it needs so I would give it five stars is the ability to change the colors of them.

Words can not describe

Okay words can describe, but I'm lazy XD

Worth it!

this game is addicting fun and worth it


Love it!!!!😝😜

Fun toy

But not a game

The best game ever

I love this game because the acrobots try to jump. Though to some people it is not engaging.But I think its the best game ever!


It's fun and so simple it makes u hooked on acrobots. Kinda boring after awhile. Wish it was free. I dealated it and want it again but I don't want to pay for it. Love it though

A fun time killer

Acrobots is a cool little app where you can control these acrobots by flicking them, moving them, or just watch them go on their own. You can change the settings like gravity, # of legs, speed, or other settings. It's a great app. Now before you spend .99 for this let me advise you to go on a computer and go to acrobots online on vectorpark's website. If you like it then you'll love the extra features this game has. Have fun!

Not Worth It

Biggest waste of .99 I've ever spent. The app should be free. Extremely disappointed.


This app is addictive but it's not worth 0.99 ... It should be free

Nicely done, but ...

This app is nicely done -- no doubt the developer but a lot of work into it. Although I would like to like it, it's just not that engaging.


This game has no point. I am disappointed with my purchase.


I love watching the little bots bounce around and kick off each other. The kids and I are having fun manipulating the controls to see what happens.

Incredible app!!!!!!!!

:D quite possibly the third greatest app of all time. Do not ever ever ever miss a chance to get your hands on it...

Utterly fun toy

I like Acrobots. Retina iPad support, please?


the acrobots look like little animals, or like molecules reacting with one another. I'd love to know if all the colors have the same algorithm


More fun than monkeys

It's ok

it's cool, but what's the point?


I can't stop playing this amazing game I haven't stopes yet buy it now

Paul M

This app will blow your mind. Amazing, fantastic!!!!!!!!

It's soooo cool!!!!!!

Love it! Im on it all the time!!!! I totally think its worth the $$$. Only thing is if u could have more backgrounds. IT'S STILL SUPER COOL!!!!!!! =)

So cool

Worth 5 $ so cool app

Total waste!

It is a complete waste of time and money, if I could give it negative stars I would! It is not addicting at all! 

🌟🌟🌟🌟 only until....

This app is amazingly addicting, but there are still some things it could use: - A freeze time button - You should be able to customize and deploy and acrobot (choose color, size, and legs) -Acrobot interactives ( explosives trampoline etc.) Once these are added you get 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Nice work!

Really great physics! I love the way the creatures move around. Is is a really well done app and totally cool to check out.

What is the point?

There is no real goal, it is a very abstract "game." if you like puzzle games, it is not for you. It is more like a zen garden.

There is a problem.

This app is too awesome!!!

Gotta fix the bugs

In my version, it occasionally sends me to the home page. Can u Plz try to fix that? Other than that, I'd give it 5stars!

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